Anisha Mouvery

Working with numbers is something I really enjoy, which explains why I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

When it comes to bookkeeping and accounting, numbers always tell the story about the financial status of a business. In my role with Lumos Business Solutions, I never stop learning. Every day I am learning new ideas about solving problems that save me and our clients time, money and effort.

I believe every business owner needs a bookkeeper to help them to take care of the day-to-day accounting work and keep the business on track with financial matters. Plus having an expert on the team means business owners can focus on growing their business.

My role as a bookkeeper includes:

  • recording the financial transactions of a business
  • carrying out bank reconciliations
  • preparing invoices
  • processing general journals
  • scheduling payment for supplier invoices.

Previously I worked as office administrator, but I’m always drawn to the accounting side of business. So, when I migrated to Australia, I attended TAFE to gain my certification in bookkeeping and accounting.

Some would consider me a beginner in this industry however with the support and guidance from Pamela and the Lumos team I am in good hands and so are our clients.

My job is my passion and I look forward to learning more about our client’s businesses and how best to provide each with outstanding service. I consider myself a friendly person with a can-do attitude – plus, I like working closely with clients to successfully run their business.

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