Athina Kalintsis

Why do I enjoy what I do?

Well, that’s easy. I work with a group of amazing women; I learn new things every day and it helps that I love working with numbers.

Previously I worked in customer service. Helping customers and being able to get things done in an organised and timely manner is something that translates to my role with Lumos Business Solutions. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes from problem solving, especially when working with a variety of different clients and businesses.

I’m currently completing a 12-month traineeship with Lumos, under the watchful eye of Pamela and Colette – they’re great! In this role I’m recording and maintaining client’s business financial transactions which in turn helps them become more financially sound. Plus, I’m learning more about managing my time and expanding my organisation skills.

Another part of my role is implementing the Lumos in-house workflow/CRM system.

Outside of work I’m a fur mumma with two cats, Leo and Chia.

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