Virtual CFO

What is a virtual CFO?

Rather than a company officer making decisions about growth and financial planning of the enterprise, a virtual Chief Financial Officer acts as a consultant to the board of directors. The virtual CFO can carry out the tasks of cashflow forecast reporting, budgeting, maintaining best financial practices and setting growth targets and make recommendations to the company directors.

The virtual CFO meets regularly with the planning team, but otherwise operates offsite. Other duties may include: bookkeeping; maintaining the compliance of all data including payments, payroll, ATO lodgements and so on.

Improve your business with a Virtual CFO

A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from Lumos Business Solutions will help business owners grow and improve the way they operate.

We listen carefully for the value placed on the services we provide. We know from experience this will ultimately impact the commitment you are willing to make.

We work with technology and encourage our clients to do the same.

Virtual CFO

Considering growing your business with a Virtual CFO?

Need help collating accurate financial and business data?

Reading financial reports can make you feel like they’re written in another language.

We translate your financial reports into your language.

Lumos Business Solutions work with you to grow your business. By implementing tools we’ll help you get financially fit. Tools such as;

These tools allow us to determine where and what to target in your business for maximum success.

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